Finovel a free novel reading app that can earn money

Finovel is a free novel reading app, unlike other web novel, book reader, or ebook reader, you can read good novels and earn free cash, get reward daily at the same time.

Featured in best romance, fanfiction, and fantasy novels. Every novel is a life journey in dreame story. A good novel gives your a piece of life experiencing in the novels.

In addition to reading, points can be obtained by submitting your writing, correcting errors, completing tasks, etc, those rewards and bonuses can gain every day!

Both the length and the content are excellent choices, which can improve the efficiency of your high-quality reading of dreame story, and it is free.

How to start Earning

1. In order to start using the app you neee to Download it, to download click here

2. Install and Sign up using your Email, Facebook or Google.

3. Then Go to “ME” tab and Click “Enter Invitation Code” and enter this code 159216 in order to receive additional 8,000 Points that you can use to redeem your Cash!

4 Ways to Earn Rewards and Bonuses

1) Bonus of submitting your writing work

Gain competitive incomes of submitting your writing work as long as your works getting liked by users and our editor team.

2) Bonus of correcting errors

Joining content errors correcting actively, make the content more local way, which is a huge contribution for the novel community, the more your correcting gets approval, the more bonus will gain. Like a monthly part-time work with pay in the way.

3) Invitation Bonus

Whether you are an internet celebrity or an ordinary user, you can also get bonus points by inviting fans or friends. In order to allow more people to benefit from reading novels, the more people you invite, the more points you will get.

For additional Points you can use our Referral Code 159216

4) Daily Bonus

You can also get many bonuses like check-in, join Wiz Quiz, and so on, especially feel tired on reading.

Redeem Points

All the in-app points you get can be redeemed every day for unlocking novel chapters or to Cash-Out via PayPal, GCash, GoPay, Dana, etc. once it reaches a certain amount.

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