BPI Foundation Pagupugay Scholarship Program AY 2022-2023

BPI Foundation (BPIF) acknowledges the significant efforts made by our medical front-line personnel in the battle against COVID-19. In recognition of their valiant efforts, BPIF has established PAGPUPUGAY, a scholarship program to support the kin of medical front-line workers who have died or been afflicted with the coronavirus

BPIF has been able to give educational support to fifteen (15) collegiate students since the program’s launch in 2020, with scholarships being considered for renewal on a yearly basis. BPIF will accept applications for eight (8) new students for the Academic Year 2022-2023.

Every academic year, each scholar will receive a scholarship stipend of up to P100,000.00 to help pay for tuition and other incidental expenses, which will be paid directly to BPIF’s partner university. Financial aid will only pay school expenses for the regular school year or term and will not, under any circumstances, reimburse school fees associated with or connected in the summer term, unless the course curriculum requires it. The financial assistance would provide a monthly living subsidy as well as a study assistance stipend for scholars from public institutions and colleges.

Source: Work Abroad 
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