Chinese-English Translation International Scholarships in UK

Do you wish to study in the United Kingdom? Apply for the University of Essex’s Chinese-English Translation International Scholarships. These funding opportunities will be available for the academic year 2021-2022. International students enrolled in the Department of Language and Linguistics’ Chinese Translation and Interpreting programs can apply for up to five £3,000 scholarships. These scholarships will be given out based on academic achievement.

The University of Essex is one of England’s eight new universities, located in the country’s core. It offers a fantastic option for overseas students in the UK. It draws top academics who want to work in a welcoming, research-intensive environment. It is separated into three campuses and offers students a wide range of educational opportunities.

Why should you consider studying at the University of Essex? Strong links and cooperation are important to the University of Essex. Essex values and supports students’ continuing development of professional knowledge, competence, and capacities. Essex values collaboration and the role of faculty in the development of students’ careers.

Source: Expertist Network

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