ECNU Excellent Freshman Scholarships for International Students in China for Bachelor’s Degree

The Excellent Freshman Scholarships were established by East China Normal University to encourage exceptional international students to pursue their bachelor’s degrees in China. For the academic year 2022-2023, a scholarship program has been established.

This grant is available to overseas students who are freshmen at East China Normal University and are enrolled in an undergraduate degree. Academic excellence and a high HSK score will be used to determine the scholarship recipient. The scholarship grant consists of an RMB 2,500 monthly stipend for up to one year.

For applicants in China, this is a fantastic chance. East China Normal University (ECNU) is one of China’s most famous institutions, having been founded in Shanghai in October 1951. The Great China University and Kwang Hua University merged to form this institute, which is now placed 371st in the Best Global Universities list.

Why should you choose East China Normal University as your university of choice? East China Normal University is regarded as one of China’s most reputable universities. Internationalization is very important to ECNU, and teacher training is extremely important. ECNU has made exceptional successes in talent training, scientific research, community service, and international exchanges, according to the university motto of “Seek truth, promote creativity, and live up to the name of a teacher.”

Source: Expertist Network

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