EPSRC PhD International Scholarships in Design of Smart Materials in UK

Swansea University is actively offering EPSRC PhD Scholarships in Design of Smart Materials to enable individuals to study a PhD degree program in the UK. This PhD is for those who want to make a difference in how advanced materials are used in a sustainable economy. This PhD job is part of the TREFCO project, a Swansea University-led collaboration with eight industrial partners, including battery makers, recyclers, material suppliers, and equipment manufacturers.

Swansea University, founded in 1920, is a famous research-intensive university with a high academic reputation and a good academic environment for applicants from the United Kingdom. There are around 330 undergraduate and 120 graduate courses available.

Why should you consider Swansea University? It gives pupils the tools and resources they need to realize their goals and desires. Students at Swansea University can anticipate a world-class education from world-class instructors who will push and encourage them throughout their time there. Swansea University students are capable of coping with global economic difficulties and adapting to a quickly changing industry.

Source: Expertist Network

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