Fully Funded Singapore International Graduate Award 2023

All international students with outstanding academic records are eligible for the merit-based Singapore International Graduate Award 2023. The SINGA program draws brilliant minds from around the world to Singapore’s top universities to pursue their doctoral studies. Under this international, fully-funded scholarship opportunity in one of the academically most developed nations, all graduates may pursue their PhD in the field of science and technology. This international graduate award is a full-time research scholarship that enables fellows to thrive in their chosen fields of research by providing them with top-notch mentors and peers.

SINGA seeks to attract students from a variety of backgrounds and aids Singapore in developing into a talent hub. SINGA acts as a bridge between Singapore and the world’s top thinkers. Universities including Nanyang Technological University, the National University of Singapore, Singapore Management University, and the Singapore University of Technology offer PhD programs to students worldwide. This is so because these universities and the Agency for Science collaborated to create the Singapore International Graduate Award. Therefore, we heartily welcome candidates for this grant who have a keen interest in conducting research leading to a PhD in science or engineering.

Because it offers PhD program immediately following the conclusion of the bachelor’s degree, this fully-funded doctorate fellowship in Singapore is a distinctive program. Furthermore, there is no requirement that students who have completed their master’s degree not apply; rather, the SINGA opportunity allows those students to continue on to their PhD with the exception of a few of the courses that students who have completed their bachelor’s degree must take in order to complete their PhD. In order to enable SINGA to realize its vision of bringing together talents from around the world and fostering collaborations, foreign scholarships are offered in Singapore. The fact that the SINGA fellows demonstrate the partnership goal of the organization.

Source: Expertist Network

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