Hiring Aluminum Installer in UAE

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Aluminum Installer in UAE

Vacancies: 20

Salary Per Month

AED 2,500 – 2,815 (Php 37,999 – 42,787)

Job Description:

  • Assemble and installation of glass and aluminium sliding door, windows, curtain walls, glass table and glass panel.
  • Fabrication and installation support of aluminium.
  • Installation of spider glass and frameless.
  • Support in fabrication and installation support of aluminium.
  • Fit up and installation of glass per isometric drawings.
  • Monitoring of installation of spider glass and frameless.
  • Fix sessions of panorama aluminium sliding.
  • Fit up and installation of operable window.
  • Cutting aluminium with bracket.
  • To wear our personal safety protective equipment during operation.
  • Study mechanical drawings, machining detail drawings and specifications to determine job requirements and fabrication & installation procedures.
  • Select, clean and prepare the aluminium as required for the job.
  • You will need a good understanding of various sheet metal types and their suitability for their end use.
  • Shape and bend the aluminium sections where required using appropriate tools or machinery.
  • You will be required to know how mechanical components go together so that you can align parts to be joined accurately.
Source: Philippine Go
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