Hiring Asbestos Worker New Zealand

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA)-licensed recruitment and placement firm Sky Bourne International, which was founded in 2012, focuses on sending highly qualified Filipino workers abroad. Sky Bourne International Inc. is dedicated to giving our applicants the greatest chances available. As we expand, we are opening up new markets across the globe and expanding our service to cover an increasing number of companies with open positions. The organization has maintained an amazing service track record for deploying Skilled and Professional workers to meet and correspond with the task requirements of our clients over the years.

In order to fulfill its commitment and objectives to provide highly qualified, skilled, and professional workers to its clients, the company has a dedicated, well-trained, and experienced staff that effectively manages and oversees the entire application process, including evaluation and testing, documentation, processing, and deployment.

Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE)-licensed land-based recruitment firm Sky Bourne International, Inc., specializes in placing Filipino professionals and skilled employees for employment abroad.

Asbestos Worker New Zealand

Vacancies: 50

Salary Per Day

Php 619.88- Php 757.86

Job Description:

  • The company’s environmental policies and plans must be understood by all employees.
  • Fill out all site registration forms required by the project contract or job.
  • Encourage project or task workers to practice environmental awareness
Source: Philippine Go 
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