Hiring Food Provider (Kitchen Helper) in Saudia Arabia

Working in Saudi Arabia comes with numerous advantages. Those who acquire a Saudi Arabia employment visa are more likely to derive high salaries, a great economic lifestyle, untaxed income, bonuses, and holiday options. If you want to experience all of these, consider pursuing a career in Saudi Arabia, which is currently hiring a food provider! Here’s a brief overview of the company where you will be applying.

1st Northern International Placement, Inc. (NIPI), an emerging leader in the employment services industry, focuses on creating and delivering quality services that enable clients and candidates to win in the dynamic world of work. The company evolved from a recruitment consultancy firm specializing in the placement of healthcare professionals. Having successfully thriven as a cohesive unit in the midst of a fiercely competitive environment, they have expanded their services to include a broader spectrum of markets and industries. This breakthrough led to the birth of a wholly owned subsidiary committed to the pursuit of being the preferred option for professional and skilled manpower supply and management services and ultimately a world-class provider for people solutions.

Throughout their company’s history, they have maintained the values that set them apart, including personal integrity and professional ethics; functional expertise; social responsibility; dignity and respect for every individual that they work with; and an unyielding commitment to success. Put into practice, these values allow them to deliver superior customer service, steadfast attention to the uniqueness of each and every client and candidate, and an unmatched dedication to establishing the best match between job seeker and employer.

Should you wish to apply for a position as a food provider in Saudia Arabia, especially with 1st Northern International Placement Inc., you may take a look at the job description and qualifications below. You may submit your application on or before September 29, 2022.

Food Provider (Kitchen Helper)

Vacancies: 20

Salary Per Month

SAR 1,500.00-1,875.00 (Php 22,436.21 – Php 28,045.26)

Job Description:

  • Can do flexible time of work, must be good complexion.
  • Good communication skills and strong appearance.
  • Can take orders and instruction.
Source: Philippine Go 
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