Hiring Medical Technologists in USA

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Medical Technologist in USA

Vacancies: 75

Salary Per Hour

Php 1,431.94

Job Description:

  • Working as a medical technologist at the moment
  • Generalist (must cycle between at least 4 lab sections, including Chemistry and/or Microbiology).
  • Education: The candidate must hold a bachelor’s degree in medicine, science, or biology from a recognized institution. either science or chemistry
  • Transportation to the U.S. General Benefits: H-1B Visa and Green Card sponsorship with full in-house immigration support Medical, Dental, and Vision Insurance Life Insurance Short and Long Term Disability Insurance Licensure Reimbursement IELTS Exam Fee Reimbursement 401K Retireme Deployment & Orientation
  • Housing in the United States for the first 30 days Award-winning “U.S. Ready Program” – Clinical Educators will assist them in getting ready for a successful transition to their new personal and professional lives Permanent
Source: Philippine Go 
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