Hiring Newborn Intensive Care Unit Nurses in United Arab Emirates

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has issued a valid license to ABD Overseas Manpower Corporation as a recruitment and placement agency with License No. POEA-140-LB-042512-R specializes in personnel search and manpower supply for its various clients abroad. The business takes pride in having satisfied clientele in different countries, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Brunei, Qatar, Kuwait, and the Middle East, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since its business commencement in 1990, ABD Overseas Manpower Corporation has sent more than 50,000 workers abroad.

The company is led by its President and CEO, ALICIA B. DEVULGADO, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the office with the assistance of twenty professional office staff that are well-versed in the recruitment industry. In addition to serving as Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Overseas Placement Association of the Philippines (OPAP), one of the major organizations of authorized recruiting firms in the nation, ALICIA B. DEVULGADO is also a member of the board of directors.

Newborn Intensive Care Unit Nurses

Vacancies: 15

Salary Per Month

Php 52,603.39- Php 60,181.32

Job Description:

  • Executes doctor’s orders and checks nursing and medical directives for appropriateness and accuracy; prepares, administers, and records application of oral, parenteral, and topical drugs as directed by the doctor.
  • Gives patients complete, direct nursing care in accordance with their care plan and needs while respecting their privacy, dignity, and cultural preferences.
  • Properly intervenes in clinical emergencies, starts emergency resuscitation techniques, and helps with coding.
  • Is familiar with the therapeutic benefits, typical dosages, restrictions, side effects, and adverse responses of all prescribed medications and parental fluids.
  • Maintains responsibility for controlled and narcotic substances.
  • Supports doctors with diagnostic and therapeutic treatments by setting up equipment for them.
  • Performs a variety of nursing tasks, including those requiring strict aseptic technique, with regard to precision, patient safety, and comfort; implements the standard of nursing documentation in accordance with hospital policy
  • Helps with patient transfers within healthcare facilities; acts as a transport nurse for patients being transported by ambulance or aircraft.
  • Accurately and promptly communicates with patients, team members, and management.
  • Teaches patients and their families with a focus on therapeutic regimen compliance.
  • Builds and maintains relationships with those who need care, and incorporates the impact of their experiences with health.
Source: Philippine Go 
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