Hiring Nurse with NCLEX (USRN) in USA

Since its founding in 1993, 21st Century Manpower, Inc. has been in the forefront of the use of Filipino labor. There are motives in business. Most of the time, each party to a contract has their own agenda of goals-achieving actions. With its own driving force, 21st Century Manpower Resources, Inc. is able to keep up with the rising needs of socioeconomic development and expansion. Both developed and developing nations may attest to this. The demand is in line with both current and future needs. And there are numerous and diverse needs. Meeting these needs is what makes manpower mobilization and recruitment a crucial activity. Because factors like competitive pricing, pickiness, dependability, on-time delivery, and other crucial considerations are at play.

The economies of Middle Eastern nations have been developing and modernizing. The economic tigers of Asia, both established and emergent, have turned to industrialization and mass production in order to advance. They have been in need of a diversity of labor, numbering in the thousands. They also require labor to fuel their ambition. The developed economies of North America and Europe have ongoing demands for labor. 21st Century Manpower Resources Inc. was established for this reason. to assist in meeting that manpower demand. to adequately address the need This business exists to help people.

Nurse with NCLEX (USRN)

Vacancies: 50

Salary Per Month

Php 3,357,630.00- Php 3,637,432.50

Job Description:

  • Give patients first-rate care.
  • Determine workplace risks and offer remedies.
  • Create initiatives to uphold safety and health.
Source: Philippine Go 
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