Hiring Nursing Aide in Singapore

Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. is a land based recruitment agency duly licensed by the (POEA) Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) specializing in the career placement of Filipino professionals and skilled workers for overseas employment.

It deploys healthcare workers and other highly trained professionals who excel in their respective fields.

Their highly trained recruitment team undertakes research, development studies, and team building seminars to strengthen the relationship and dynamics among its members, ensuring the success of the team and the company’s goals and undertakings.

Started with only five incorporators/stockholders and a handful of dedicated staffs on October 27, 1999. Joint experience and knowledge of President Jessie L. Galapia and Vice president Dina P. Galapia, with a combined experience of more than 30 years in the recruitment industry, have been best exemplified in Jedegal’s sterling performance and steered the company into becoming one of the Philippines’ Top Performing Agencies based on the volume of OFWs deployed overseas. After merely twenty (20) years in business, Jedegal has now grown into a big organization in its main office located in Quezon City.

It was ranked and rated as one of the top ten percent (10%) of the more than a thousand licensed agencies by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).
They take pride in providing nothing but the best overseas jobs for Overseas Filipino Workers and supplying manpower requirement of foreign principals.

Jedegal has established itself as trusted and dependable source of competent, highly skilled, and world-class professionals for different industries – particularly in healthcare, finance, service oriented businesses, engineering and information technology, among others.

Today, Jedegal is now known as one of the most efficient and reliable provider of Filipino Doctors, Nurses, Nursing Aide and Hotel Workers in the most prestigious HOSPITALS and HOTELS in Singapore and United Kingdom. Furthermore, it also deploys experienced pool of talented, internationally competitive, and dedicated Filipino professionals to Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and UNITED KINGDOM.

As of July 12, 2022 Jedegal International Manpower Services, Inc. is currently looking for competent applicants with the following job description and qualifications until July 30, 2022:

Nursing Aide

Vacancies: 350

Salary Per Month

SGD 850 ( Php 33,867)

Job Description:

  • Help patients use the bathroom.
  • Clean and bathe patients or residents.
  • Maintain patients’ hygiene and change bedding.
  • Turn, reposition and move patients between wheelchairs, seats and beds.
  • Serve meals and help patients eat their food.
  • Measure vital signs like blood pressure and temperature.
  • Listen to patients regarding any health concerns they might have and report details to a Registered Nurse or Doctor.
  • Provide hands-on care to patients in a variety of settings, including hospitals, nursing homes, and mental health facilities.
  • Perform routine tasks under the supervision of registered nurses.
  • Take patient’s temperate, pulse, and respiration rate.
  • Take blood pressure and determine if range is abnormal.
  • Answer calls for help and determine if additional help is needed.
  • Prepare and serve meals.
  • Feed patient and mash up food if necessary.
  • Bathe and dress patient.
  • Make beds and perform light housekeeping duties in patient’s room.
  • Take patient on walks.
  • Deliver them to operating rooms.
  • Provide skin care.
  • Set up equipment.
  • Store and move supplies.
  • Observe patients’ physical, mental, and emotional conditions.
  • Observe fluid intake and output.
  • Report abnormal changes or patterns to nursing staff.
  • Develop nurturing relationships with patient.
  • Empty bedpans and change dirty linens.
  • Report violent behavior.
  • Follow proper procedures for lifting and moving patients.
Source: Philippine Go 
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