Hiring Rig Derrickhand in Australia

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration has issued a valid license to ABD Overseas Manpower Corporation as a recruitment and placement agency with License No. POEA-140-LB-042512-R specializes in personnel search and manpower supply for its various clients abroad. The business takes pride in having satisfied clientele in a variety of locations, including Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Korea, Brunei, Qatar, Kuwait, and the Middle East, particularly in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Since it started business in 1990, ABD Overseas Manpower Corporation has sent more than 50,000 workers abroad.

The company is led by its President and CEO, ALICIA B. DEVULGADO, who oversees the day-to-day operations of the office with the assistance of twenty professional office staff that are well-versed in the recruitment industry. In addition to serving as Vice President of Internal Affairs for the Overseas Placement Association of the Philippines (OPAP), one of the major organizations of authorized recruiting firms in the nation, ALICIA B. DEVULGADO is also a member of the board of directors.

Rig Derrickhand

Vacancies: 12

Salary Per Day

Php 12,021.72- Php 13,572.91

Job Description:

  • An essential member of the drilling crew and helps with every task they perform.
  • Will be employed in the derrick during tripping operations and the running of casing.
  • In-charge of keeping the drilling fluid and drilling apparatus functioning as instructed while drilling ahead.
  • Must be able to follow the proper working procedures necessary to complete the drilling program in addition to being able to safely conduct manual skills in a highly-competent team environment.
  • Identify and fix mud system equipment issues.
  • Mix the mud according to the requirements.
  • Keep a record of the mud’s characteristics in accordance with business policy or as instructed by the client and the mud engineer.
  • Keep mud equipment technical manuals up to date.
  • Keep up relevant elements of the daily drilling report.
  • At the end of each tour, include a report on mud product use in the daily drilling report.
  • Assist in the monitoring and instruction of subordinates in HSEA Company Policy, Procedures, and Practices by Mud Engineer/OCR.
  • Encourage subordinates to practice safety and safe working procedures and to report any unsafe behaviors or conditions to the tour guide or driller.
  • Pursue education and training for professional advancement.
  • Use safe operating procedures when handling tools and equipment.
  • Well-versed on rig emergency protocols and signals.
  • Attend meetings and safety drills for the drilling department.
  • Take part in company safety meetings, fire and BOP exercises, and training programs for height safety.
  • Maintain the personal fall protection harness for height-related tasks.
  • Have a working understanding of fundamental knots, splices, managing wire line slings, and general rigging procedures.
Source: Philippine Go 
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