International Community College Leadership Awards in USA for Bachelor

With the support of the University of Missouri-Kansas City’s International Community College Leadership Awards, you may unleash your potential and achieve all of your academic goals. For the school year 2022-2023, the university is accepting applications. International applicants who are F-1 or J-1 visa holders and have completed an undergraduate degree program in the School of Computing & Engineering at UMKC will be considered for the prize.

UMKC is a big educational institution with a diverse student body, as well as unique connections to a number of businesses and internship opportunities that aid students in accomplishing their goals. The University of Missouri-Kansas City provides much more than a diploma to its students. Why should you come to the University of Missouri-Kansas City to study? UMKC is a learning community dedicated to improving people’s lives through fairness, diversity, and inclusion. It’s a bigger school with a more diverse student body and unique links to a number of companies and internship opportunities.

Source: Expertist Network

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