LANDBANK: Gawad Patnubay Scholarship Program 2022-2023 for Agriculture Students

LANDBANK Scholarship – Students in the Philippines have a variety of options for paying their school fees, including receiving money after applying for a student scholarship. These scholarships are usually safe, as they are intended to help students pay for their studies and purchase learning materials. In addition, student scholarships vary by country, with tight restrictions governing financial and renegotiating funding. When a student qualifies for a scholarship, he or she can get either private or federal financial assistance.

Eligibility for these scholarships can be decided by a number of factors, including the student’s financial need. The following article provides details on one of the most popular scholarships in the Philippines: the LANDBANK Scholarship.

Approximately 8,000 LANDBANK employees provide charitable donations from their salaries to sponsor this education-to-employment initiative. This contribution is usually made once a year on the last working days, and it provides earnings equivalent to an hour’s income. In addition, the LANDBANK receives an equal share of total funds from education initiatives, allowing it to support 110 scholars each year.

Agriculture students enrolled in the 17 partner public universities and colleges are normally eligible for this scholarship program. The LANDBANK scholarship includes an education to employment program, internship possibilities for recipients preparing for graduation, and the preservation of agriculture-related jobs for scholars following their scholastic term.

Students typically participate in a 10-week placement program after successfully completing their program, which includes three weeks of seminars, lectures, personality development, and professional growth activities.

Source: Expertist Network

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