LCP Hiring: Job Openings until June 26, 2022

The Lung Center of the Philippines (LCP) (Filipino: Ospital ng Pilipinas sa may sakit sa Baga) is a government tertiary hospital specializing in the cure and prevention of lung and other chest diseases, located on Central, Quezon City, Philippines. The center receives budgetary support for its operations from the national government. It was constructed on public land donated by the National Housing Authority.

The Lung Center of the Philippines is regionally competetive, locally responsive premier institution for lung and other chest diseases, providing quality healthcare through excellent service, training and research. Interestingly, LCP has vacancies available until June 26, 2022.

  • Nurse III (SG17/Php 41, 508)
  • Two (2) Nurse II (SG16/Php 38,150)
  • Two (2) Nurse I (SG15/Php 35,097)
  • Two (2) Nursing Attendant II (SG6/Php 16,877)
  • Medical Specialist IV (2 Part-time) (SG25/Php 50,394/Part-time)
  • Information Technology Officer III (SG24/Php 88,410)
  • Medical Specialist II (1 Part-time) (SG23/Php 39,227)
  • Three (3) Medical Officer III (SG21/Php 62,449)
  • Administrative Officer II (SG15/Php 35,097)
  • Respiratory Therapist II (SG14/Php 32,321)
  • Physical Therapist I (SG11/Php 25,439)
  • Administrative Assistant II (SG8/Php 18,998)
  • Administrative Aide VI (SG6/Php 16,877)
Source: Philippine Go
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