Leakey Foundation Donner Field School International Scholarships in USA

Joan Cogswell Donner Field School Scholarships in the United States are presently accepting applications for the school year 2022/2023. The Leakey Foundation is offering the program. Applicants must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in a developing nation with insufficient educational resources. This award covers up to $2,000 in field school tuition for students from low-income countries to help them get experience in fieldwork linked to human origins research.

A fantastic opportunity to receive financial aid in the United States. Dr. Louis S.B. Leakey, a pioneering scientist and an ardent promoter of science outreach, founded the Foundation in 1968 to fund his work. The Leakey Foundation is a non-profit dedicated to sponsoring human origins research and disseminating the findings through creative educational programs. The Foundation encourages an interdisciplinary approach to human origins research. Why should you consider studying at the Leakey Foundation? The Leakey Foundation allows the general population to learn about scientific breakthroughs firsthand. They also fund graduate students pursuing advanced degrees in genetics, paleoanthropology, and primatology from nations with poor academic prospects.

Source: Expertist Network

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