MEDIT/ACI Ph.D. International Scholarships in Turkey

Do you want to get involved in community projects and teamwork? Then, for the academic year 2022-2023, you can look into the PhD options provided for the MEDIT/ACI PhD Scholarships for overseas students.

This scholarship application is aimed for international candidates interested in the Ibn Haldun University’s Doctoral Program in Civilization Studies. To be considered for the scholarship, students must apply before the deadline. Tuition will be covered, and Research Assistants and Teaching Assistants will receive a monthly stipend.

Ibn Haldun University is a university in Istanbul with a motto of intellectual freedom. It is a good choice for pursuing a PhD degree in Turkey. Both Eastern and Western learning and scholarship are valued at the university. In the World 2021 rankings, Ibn Haldun University is ranked 153rd in Turkey and 7852nd globally.

Why should you go to Ibn Haldun University to study? Through the production of real knowledge and viewpoints, Ibn Haldun University aspires to be an international authority and pioneer in the social sciences. The university is an international social science research institution that welcomes all forms of knowledge and places a premium on societal contribution.

Source: ExpertistNetwork

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