Office of the President Hiring College Graduates

The Office of the President’s mandate is to provide administrative, advisory, consultative and other support services to the President in the latter’s exercise of their powers and functions as Head of State and of the Executive Branch.

The mandate of the OP Proper is to respond to the specific needs and requirements of the President to achieve the purposes and objectives of the Office.

Application Period: December 6, 2021 – December 16, 2021 (20 Vacancies)

  • Internal Auditor IV (2 Vacancies)
  • Internal Auditor III (2 Vacancies)
  • Presidential Staff Officer III (5 Vacancies)
  • Internal Auditor II (4 Vacancies)
  • Presidential Staff Officer II (3 Vacancies)
  • Administrative Assistant VI (Computer Operator III) (1 Vacancy)
  • Presidential Staff Officer I (3 Vacancies)

Source: Philippine Go
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