PCG is Looking for Cadets to Pursue the Four-year Cadet Training Program in Taiwan

The central Police University (CPU), Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of China (Taiwan), is offering undergraduate scholarship program for PCG. The cadet training course provided by the Department of Maritime Police (DMP, de facto Coast Guard) CPU, will include the academic programs and law enforcement coaching sessions concerning coast guard missions. The course aims to build professional skills and academic knowledge and networking among the officials of government law enforcement agencies in Taiwan.

Benefits and Service Obligation

Upon completion of the 4-year cadet training program, PCG Cadet will be commissioned as an active PCG Officer with the rank of ENSIGN and will render a minimum of eight (8) years service obligation to the PCG.

The program also consists of formal classroom training in subjects such as:

  • A. Oceanography
  • B. Nautical Meteorology
  • C. Marine Physics
  • D. Marine Environmental Science
  • E. Ocean Observation and Research
  • F. United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS)
  • G. International Law
  • H. Navigation (Celestial navigation, geo navigation, regulations for preventing collisions at sea, navigation equipment)
  • I. Engineering (Auxiliary Engine and Main Engine, generator)
  • J. Marine Environmental Protection/Oil Spilling Handling knowledge
  • k.Criminal Law, Code of Criminal Procedure, Forensic Science
  • l. Radar Communication (Marine Communication and Marine English)

An integral part of the cadet training program is a rigorous physical education and physical fitness program which demands that candidates arrive in good physical condition for training at sea and perform calisthenics(i.e., martial arts, use of force, shooting)

Source: Philippine Go
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