PhilFIDA Hiring: Job Openings until July 10, 2022

The Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority or PhilFIDA (Filipino: Pangasiwaan sa Pagpapaunlad ng Industriya ng Himaymay) is an agency of the Philippine Department of Agriculture responsible for promoting the accelerated growth and development of the fiber industry in the Philippines, such as abaca, also known as Manila hemp and cotton.

The Philippine Fiber Industry Development Authority (PhilFIDA) was created on May 29, 2013, through the consolidation of the Fiber Industry Development Authority (FIDA) and the Cotton Development Administration (CODA) as part of the Rationalization Plan of the Department of Agriculture.

Interestingly, PhilFIDA has 28 vacancies available until July 10, 2022.

  • Administrative Assistant I (SG7/Php 17,899.00)
  • Two (2) Planning Officer II (SG15/Php 35,097.00)
  • Supervising Science Research Specialist (SG22/Php 69,963.00)
  • Three (3) Science Research Specialist II (SG16/Php 38,150.00)
  • Nine (9) Fiber Development Officer I (SG11/Php 25,439.00)
  • Four (4) Senior Fiber Development Officer I (SG18/Php 45,203.00)
  • Two (2) Science Research Specialist I (SG13/Php 29,798.00)
  • Engineer I (SG12/Php 27,608.00)
  • Two (2) Fiber Development Officer II (SG15/Php 35,097.00)
  • Administrative Officer V (SG18/Php 45,203.00)
  • Engineer II (SG16/Php 38,150.00)
  • Supervising Fiber Development Officer (SG22/Php 69,963.00)
Source: Philippine Go 
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