PhilSA AD ASTRA Scholarships Program 2021

The Philippine Space Agency (PhilSA) is the government agency in charge of all national concerns and activities concerning space science, technology, and applications. The Philippine Space Act, or the Philippine Space Act, established the PhilSA as an attached agency of the Office of the President for policy and program coordination, as well as to guarantee that national objectives and priorities are aligned.

PhilSA is offering advanced space scholarships to Filipino students. “Advanced Degrees for Accelerating Strategic Space R&D Applications (AD ASTRA)” seeks to support outstanding individuals pursuing doctoral degrees in subjects relating to space science, technology, and applications (SSTA).

PhilSA AD ASTRA offers full, partial, lateral, and sandwich program scholarships to promising students pursuing advanced degrees in disciplines related to SSTA such as, but not limited to: System Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Aerospace Engineering, Digital, and Analogue Electronics, Mechanical Engineering, RF Electronics, Software Engineering, Orbit, Dynamics Mission and Synthesis, Data Analytics, Atmospheric Science, Hydrological Science, Climate Change and Variability, Ocean Science, Geological Science, Earth Science Applications, Earth System Modelling, Biology and Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems, Geospatial Science and Technologies, Fundamental Physics, Nanoscience, Astronomy and Astrophysics, Space Physics, Planetary Science, Terrestrial and Planetary Environmental Science, and Engineering, Nanotechnology, Space Education, Space Industry, Space Law, Space Policy, and Space Diplomacy.

This are the Benefits

  • Tuition and other school fees
  • Stipend (accommodation, meals, incidental expenses)
  • Book Allowance*
  • Technological Support (Covers provision of laptop* and basic monthly internet connection/communication expenses**)
  • Round-trip Transportation Allowance
  • Pre-departure Allowance (For grantees enrolled in universities abroad)
  • Relocation Allowance (For grantees accepted to a University in a Region/country away from his/her current place of residence)
  • Disability Support (For grantees with disabilities)
  • Extra Academic Activities (Covers membership to professional societies, student clubs/ organizations, and participation to study visits, workshops, and seminars in line with the study)
  • Thesis/Dissertation Allowance** (If applicable)
  • Research Grant** (If applicable)
  • Research Dissemination Grant (If applicable)
  • Mentor’s Fee**
  • Mentoring/Support Program
  • Membership in PhilSA Scholars Group

Source: Philippine Go
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