POPCOM Hiring: Job Openings until June 6, 2022

The Commission on Population (POPCOM) is a government agency mandated as the over-all coordinating, monitoring and policy making body of the population program. It is the lead agency promoting population activities.

Interestingly, POPCOM has vacancies available until June 6, 2022.

  • Administrative Officer II (Administrative Officer I) (SG11/Php 25,439)
  • Administrative Officer II (HRMO I) (SG11/Php 25,439)
  • Planning Officer I (SG11/Php 25,439)
  • Administrative Officer I (Records Officer I) (SG10/Php 22,190)
  • Administrative Assistant III (Buyer III) (SG9/Php20,340)
  • Administrative Assistant I (Motorpool Supervisor) (SG7/Php 17,899)
  • Population Program Officer V (SG24/Php 88,410)
  • Population Program Officer II (SG15/Php 35,097)
  • (2) Population Program Officer I (SG11/Php 25,439)
  • Statistician II (SG15/Php 35,097)
Source: Philippine Go
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