Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Multi-Frequency Measurements Systems for Master

The Postgraduate Research Scholarships in Multi-channel, Multi-Frequency Measurements Systems for Electromagnetic Imaging have been announced by the University of Queensland. Applications are now being accepted for the academic year 2022-2023. Professor Amin Abbosh’s Electromagnetic Innovations team at UQ will employ the selected candidate. The candidate will have access to the necessary simulation tools as well as appropriate computational resources.

Take advantage of the opportunity to receive financial assistance in Australia. The Institution of Queensland is an Australian public research university that is ranked 47th in the world by Times Higher Education. The University of Queensland is also considered as Australia’s most prestigious and well-known university. The purpose of the university is to assist students in shaping the future by bringing together and developing experts in their disciplines in order to inspire the next generation and advance global ideas.

Why should you come to the University of Queensland to study? The University of Queensland is a research university that promotes world-beneficial progressive concepts. Queensland is home to a diverse spectrum of internationally renowned universities, ranging from engineering and medical to business and technology. To satisfy students’ academic and professional needs, UQ’s award-winning teachers use creative ways. Alumni networks at UQ encourage graduates to stay in touch.

Source: Expertist Network

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