PS-DBM Hiring: Job Openings until August 1, 2022

The PS-DBM or the Procurement Service – Department of Budget and Management is an attached agency of the DBM. The Procurement Service (PS) is not the Department of Budget and Management (DBM). It is an agency separate and distinct from the DBM.

The PS is the organization responsible for the strategic definition of the PhilGEPS and its management. The PS Executive Director assumes overall responsibility for all activities of the PhilGEPS and provides direction, general supervision and control over the work of all employees. The day-to-day operational management responsibilities rests with the PhilGEPS Group, a unit lead by a PhilGEPS Director who reports to the Executive Director of the PS.

The Procurement Service – DBM (PS-DBM) has a work environment that upholds diversity, embraces change, and provides multitude opportunities to every team member. As they continue to move forward, they are seeking highly skilled professionals to take them even further.

  • Four (4) Director IV (SG28/Php 145,427.00)
  • One (1) Chief Administrative Officer (SG24/Php 88,410.00)
  • One (1) Attorney V (SG25 /Php 100,788.00)
  • Two (2) Attorney III (SG21/Php 62,449.00)
  • Eight (8) Procurement Management Officer VI (SG24/Php 88,410.00)
  • One (1) Executive Assistant IV (SG22/Php 69,963.00)
Source: Philippine Go
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