Scholarship for Master’s Degree: International Scholarships at University of Macerata

The University of Macerata is pleased to announce the International Scholarships for students enrolling for the 2022/2023 academic year, in order to encourage and continue the globalization of its degree programs.

The grant will only be available to international students who are pursuing a master’s degree. The total value of each scholarship awarded is € 7.000,00. To be considered for this prize, students must meet the entry requirements of the program they desire to enter and be accepted into it.

The Institution of Macerata is a public university in Macerata, Italy, that offers a fantastic chance for international students. It is one of Europe’s oldest and still operational universities. The University of Macerata is placed #49 in Italy’s university rankings. Ideologically, politically, and religiously, the university is self-contained.

Why should you study at Macerata University? The University of Macerata is a public university that understands the importance of education and research in building a knowledge-based society. The institution follows constitutional values and gives students liberty in their studies, teaching, and research.

Source: ExpertistNetwork

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