SSS Hiring: Job Openings until May 23, 2022

The Social Security System (SSS; Filipino: Paseguruhan ng Kapanatagang Panlipunan) is a state-run, social insurance program in the Philippines to workers in the private, professional and informal sectors.

SSS provides death, funeral, maternity leave, permanent disability, retirement, sickness and involuntary separation/unemployment benefits.

Interestingly, SSS has posted Job Openings on May 13, 2022 that will end its application on May 23, 2022.

  • Driver (Job Level 1NM)
  • Creative Arts Specialist II (Job Level 3NM)
  • (5) Junior Programmer (Job Level 3NM)
  • (6) Senior Programmer (Job Level 4NM)
  • Senior Investigator (Job Level 4NM)
  • (3) Senior Analyst (Job Level 4NM)
  • Junior Communications Analyst (Job Level 4NM)
  • (2) Junior Appraiser (Job Level 4NM)
  • Accountant (Job Level 4NM)
  • (5) Junior Specialist (Job Level 5NM)
  • (3) Junior Actuarial Researcher (Job Level 5NM)
  • (4) Medical Specialist II (Job Level 6NM)
  • Senior Technical Assistant (Job Level 2M)
  • (3) Attorney II (Job Level 1M)
  • Senior Hearing Officer (Job Level 2M)
  • Corporate Executive Officer IV (Job Level 2M)
  • Attorney III (Job Level 2M)
  • (2) Department Manager III (Job Level 3M)
  • Corporate Executive Officer V (Job Level 3M)
  • Senior Vice President (Job Level 5M)
Source: Philippine Go
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