Taiwan is Hiring English Teachers with P115,122 Monthly Salary

The Taiwan Foreign English Teacher Program (TFETP) was founded by the Taiwanese Ministry of Education (MOE) to enhance the number of foreign English teachers and teaching assistants accessible to Taiwanese students in primary and secondary schools across the country. This is consistent with Taiwan’s goal of establishing English as a second language by 2030.

The Ministry of Education intends to hire 450 international English teachers in public schools by 2022 in order to provide an English-speaking environment for elementary and secondary students while also enhancing the English teaching skills of local teachers.


The monthly salary for English teachers in the program begins at NT$62,720 (PhP115,122.25). A travel stipend, health insurance, and other amenities are among the benefits.

The salary of a teacher is decided by his or her highest educational degree and the number of years of full-time teaching experience. To be considered, applicants must be native English speakers with a bachelor’s degree or above and no criminal record. A state-issued teaching license or credential is not required.

Source: Philippine Go
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